Anonymous: dragonkin stuff?? :)
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cometjpg: hi!! i know you said you like to keep things in a reasonable price range, but i was wonder if you could post some more pricey spacekin type jewellery?? my dad wants to buy me some expensive jewellery for my birthday and i don;t really like the stuff he's suggesting so i'd like to be able to ask for something that he wants to buy me, but that i want to recieve, ya know?? thanks in advance!!

Here are some things you may enjoy: 

- Galaxy/Robot Gears Necklace, $118
- Real Meteorite Geometric Necklaces, $112.50 - here and here 
- Starry Night Heart Necklace, $184

I’ll make separate posts for these soon. I’ll also try to add some tags to sort by price. Your ask made me decide that it would be a good idea to add that feature to this blog. I hope this helps! -Cain

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Anonymous: this blog is the literal greatest ever thank you so much gosh

thank you!! <333

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